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Ashford Bella Door


  • All doors and drawer fronts are 18mm thick.
  • Available in any sizes within the specifications below

Drawer Fronts

  • Minimum height 60mm, maximum height 282mm.
  • Minimum width 100mm, maximum width 1200mm.
  • Drawer Fronts are supplied with horizontal grain.

Standard Doors

  • Minimum height 283mm, maximum height 1699mm.
  • Minimum width 100mm, maximum width 1200mm.

Tall Doors

  • Minimum height 1700mm, maximum height 2540mm.
  • Minimum width 100mm, maximum width 1200mm.
  • The maximum door size is 2540mm H x 1200mm W.
  • Standard and tall doors are supplied with vertical grain in all colours except HG Snow Larch which is horizontal grain.

Tall door designs with two panels will be supplied with the mid rail at 655mm from the bottom edge to the centre of the mid rail as standard unless otherwise specified.

Doors for Corner Cabinets

Doors can be supplied with either the left or right side edge square. Available up to Max. 1699mm high.

Horizontal Grain

Available in all woodgrain colour options up to Maximum 1200mm high.

High Gloss Colours

High gloss finishes are manufactured using a heavier gauge vinyl and definition can be less sharp on doors, panels and accessories with more detailed designs.

The following door styles are not available in gloss colours - Aldridge, Broadway, Euroline, Gothic, Integra, Knebworth, Newport, Oxford, Shaker, Surrey, Tullymore, Warwick and Westbury.